Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Here is my rules for EARTHQUAKES.


This is my learning. we had to do this so we could show other scholls what to do when an earthquake happends. 


  1. Hi lino i like your poster.It reminds me when i did a poster. Next time you could make the picture clearer.

  2. Hi Lino i like your poster it was very well explained it reminded me of when i did one maybe next time you could make the picture cleaner as Toeumu said as well anyways good job

    Kind Regards

    Luseane xoxo

  3. Hi,my name is Jessica and I go to Kumara School. I like that you added some pictures to your poster. You can check out my blog at:

  4. Hi there, my name is tuku and I am a student in room 6 at Wesley Primary School. I really like It made me think of when i did it you should check out my blog. Have you thought about putting full stops and speech marks If you would like to see my learning, my class blog

  5. Hello Lino, My name is Mac from Kokatahi - Kowhitirangi School. I like you poster and how planned out it is. Maybe next time you could make the picture clearer.

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